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Best Subreddit for Succulent Lovers

If you are a plant parent, you must be part of some online communities that will help you enhance your plant knowledge and also be an excellent source for succulent enthusiasts. During the quarantine, when most people were away from their traditional 9-5 jobs, they grew into ardent plant lovers. More people became interested in growing plants indoors, and they became their best friends during the lockdown phase. Here are some subreddits for succulent lovers. 


r/whatsthisplant is one of the most popular subreddits for plant and succulent lovers. This Reddit interface is celebrating its 10th year and has more than 550 k members. That is a massive community of like-minded plant lovers who love discovering more about plants and succulents. This is an ideal platform to learn more about better plant growth, how to treat plants better and resolve all doubts regarding plants. You can upload plant images on this subreddit and get information about the plant right from its name, species and care instructions. This is one of the most trustworthy and authentic subreddit forums for succulent and plant lovers. 


As the name suggests, this Reddit forum is about houseplants. Dedicated to the complete care and maintenance of indoor plants, this is a highly popular subreddit. It is one of the best platforms to share your stories of being plant parents. People share that their plants have transformed with the best care. This is also the best subreddit if you want to witness true stories of plant recovery. Several plant parents adopt endangered plants in lousy health and care for them to help them recover. This Reddit platform is where they share stories about plant recovery. It is inspiring how beautifully pants recover after good care. 


The subreddit with one of the highest numbers of members. With above 3.5 million users. This is an ideal subreddit for any novice plant caregiver. Plants, especially succulents, need regular care and love. They have specific needs, and their requirements must be taken good care of. Many novice gardeners need to be made aware of their needs. r/gardening is the perfect destination for them to know more about the exclusive nature of the plants and how to take good care of them. There are abundant pictures and caring guides in this subreddit. Many plant parents share their personal experiences about plant growth and care in this subreddit. 


This subreddit is dedicated to planting problems. Any plant giver facing trouble raising the plant and needing help figuring out what the problem is with their plant can refer to their subreddit. Several Redditors share many personal views and opinions regarding plant diseases and common plant problems. There is a massive community of Redditors involved in this platform. They share the treatment regime of sick plants, help plant parents diagnose the problems and sickness, and have fruitful treatment regimes. Many people share the cure routine of plants and the fantastic results they receive after following the same. You can view several images of sick and cured plants to motivate the plant caregivers. 


Plants are pets. Whether you raise a dog, cat or plant, they deserve equal attention and care. Raising a plant is a matter of colossal commitment. You have to feed them, water the plants and take good care. Curating a sustainable plant care routine is possible if you know their needs. A houseplant is a fantastic platform where plant givers share their experiences regarding tips for raising houseplants. Caring for indoor plants is more complicated than caring for outdoor plants. House plants or indoor plants need great care and specific needs. A r/houseplant is a subreddit that focuses on unique tips and care regimes for better health and well-being of houseplants. 


This is an excellent platform for you if you live in cities with a space crunch for raising plants. It has all the tips and exercise routines for raising plants in urban areas. Plants residing on flat balconies get less sunlight or natural elements than they need. The external support for their growth needs to be more adequate. However, this Reddit platform is ideal for knowing more about them and how to raise them ideally, even in limited space. The Indoor Garden Reddit platform is often called the encyclopedia of indoor plants. It contains a gigantic information volume. If you have the time and energy to explore the information, you will become a pro in indoor gardening. 


Want to connect with the international plant lovers community? Join this subreddit, and you will come closer to a beautiful community of plant parents who share your interests. From this subreddit platform, you can learn about various plants growing in other countries and they're living consciously. The subreddit contains some stunning photos of internationally grown plants. You can gather enough information about their care and maintenance. It is heaven for green lovers. r/Plants is a very popular international community of plant lovers, and you can join it to look at plants across the globe and how people from other countries maintain their plants. It is almost like green social media


The last one on the list is this specific subreddit. It is dedicated to succulents and plants grown in aquariums or any water area. Hydrophilic plants demand a special care regime, and only some are pro at it. If you are a plant lover and want to know more about growing succulents in the aquarium, you can try reading this subreddit. It is popular, contains plenty of information and is ideal for shaping your habits as a plant lover. 


Want to know anything and everything about succulents? This one is your ideal destination. R/succulents has all the necessary tips and information about growing the best and most healthy succulents at home. There are succulents for sale, and you can get everything that you want about succulents from this place. Get to know about the stories of fellow succulent parents and how they care for and nurture their succulent babies at home. Explore plenty of beautiful succulent growth pictures from across the globe and stay updated with the latest succulent news and stories on this subreddit platform. 


The subreddit's name may seem weird, but the intent is mind-blowing. Succshaming is a super popular succulent community on Reddit. This subreddit is more for exploring the problems that most succulents face. When your succulents throw tantrums at you, it is time to expose them and let other succulent parents know about the problems. Succshaming is one such platform. It is a community of frustrated succulent parents who want to share their problems with others. It is a great platform to find solutions to your succulent problems to raise them better. Some also share the remedial measures that worked for them. 


This is the home to all the information you need about complete cacti care. This is one of the best comprehensive subreddit that talks about cacti, succulents of all kinds, their care, their problems, and everything else you need to know about cacti. Explore more about the cactus genre and how to grow them the best. This is an expansive global community where people share their valuable knowledge about cacti, and others who need it can access it. The best posts about cacti are stored here, and they will connect you to cactus experts who will help you grow cacti in the best way in your space. 


Are you unable to raise a plant simply because you do not know much about it? If so, Plant identification is a platform that will help you more than anything else. Many plant parents cannot raise a plant properly because they need information about it. This is a sad situation. No plant should suffer simply because they are rare. If you have a plant that you possess minor information about, try this subreddit. You can even upload the plant pictures on the platform for people to identify the plant and inform you about how to care for them. There are plenty of existing plant pictures on the platform, from where you can identify the one you are looking for and then look for the perfect tips and tricks to grow them. The database of the Reddit platform is extensive, and there is hardly any plant whose information you won't get here. This is an excellent place for succulent lovers

Final Words 

Succulents need your care and attention for suitable growth. They are lovely plants but need regular maintenance for them to proliferate better. These subreddit are a fantastic platform to learn more about their growth and care.


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