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Trachyandra Tortilis: A Step by Step Care Guide

Trachyandra Tortilis, also known as the ribbon plant is a rare species of succulents that comes with unique attributes such as curling steams and leaves. Belonging to the Asphodelaceae succulent family, Trachyandra Tortilis are unique and uncommon in the succulent world. This variety of succulents is hard to find in stores, let alone at home gardens. If you’re planning to grow Trachyandra Tortilis, then you’re in for a real treat. With a longer life span compared to other succulents and its exceptional coiled and spiraled stems, this succulent can make a stunning display plant for your indoor area. This unique succulent finds its origin in South Africa and Madagascar and can be grown from seeds. Trachyandra Tortilis can be grown like any other type of succulents ; with indirect sun, low water content, sufficient fertilizers and propagation methods. You can follow the below -planting steps and care guide for a successful and healthy growth.   Features of Trachyandra Tortilis: Fo