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Best 5 Black Succulent Plants

Whether you are an experienced gardener or someone who admires nature or maybe both, you might have heard about Black succulent plants at least once in your lifetime. Even if you are reading about them for the first time, alright, we have got you covered! You cannot call your garden area a complete one unless you have grown a succulent there.  They may look black but are actually not black. They are the deeper version of purple, maroon, and burgundy, making them appear black. These black beauties are also famous as 'goth'. You can find them in different shapes, sizes, and shades and pick them as per your home decor. What's good is, that they don't demand extra care or attention like regular plants. Place them in sunlight, and watering once a week does excellent for them. There's no surprise why people are getting crazy for these plants and Instagram is flooded with their pics.  If you want to enhance your home decor or thinking to spice up Halloween photos, it's