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Best Subreddit for Succulent Lovers

If you are a plant parent, you must be part of some online communities that will help you enhance your plant knowledge and also be an excellent source for succulent enthusiasts. During the quarantine, when most people were away from their traditional 9-5 jobs, they grew into ardent plant lovers. More people became interested in growing plants indoors , and they became their best friends during the lockdown phase. Here are some subreddits for succulent lovers.  r/Whatthisplant  r/whatsthisplant is one of the most popular subreddits for plant and succulent lovers. This Reddit interface is celebrating its 10th year and has more than 550 k members. That is a massive community of like-minded plant lovers who love discovering more about plants and succulents. This is an ideal platform to learn more about better plant growth, how to treat plants better and resolve all doubts regarding plants. You can upload plant images on this subreddit and get information about the plant right from its na

10 Best Apps to Identify Succulents Plants

The spectrum of succulents is so widespread that it often becomes difficult for pro-gardeners to identify succulents correctly. There are 25 primary succulent families. Each family has multiple species included within their genre. That makes the total number of available succulents to be extremely high. Each species has many sub-species. So, it becomes increasingly more work for plant experts to categorize or even remember all the succulents. Moreover, many succulents have similar external features making it challenging to distinguish between two similar-looking succulents. Since we live in the golden age of technology, it is easy to search for succulent names online. Simply by feeding in the features or description, we can access all the details of a particular succulent. Best Succulent Identification Apps Here is a list of the top 10 succulent identification apps that will make gardening easier: PL@ntNET Most gardeners love this app for multiple reasons, the first being the eas

How to Get Rid of Mealybugs on Succulents

Your pretty little healthy succulents may no longer remain pretty if the deadly mealy bugs attack them. Mealy bug attacks are one of the most common issues that succulents face, and succulent owners must strive hard to make the succulent free of them. Mealy bug attacks can be fatal for almost all types of succulents if not treated with care within time. Mealybugs are parasitical pests that can attack both indoor and outdoor plants. What are Mealy Bugs? The scientific name of mealy bugs is Pseudococcus longispinus . It is small and white with a long tail and multiple tentacles or antennas, which are its arms. The body of mealybugs appears white and fluffy, and the top layer of their body is white powdery. The waxy body coating prevents the mealy bugs from getting wet and thus makes them a string and resentful parasite. This is the same reason why most water-based parasites don’t work on mealy bugs. Since they are too small, mealy bugs can easily hide in the plants' nooks and corners