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Lakshmi Kamal Succulents - Brings Happiness and Prosperity in the House

The scientific name of this beautifully shaped succulent is Sempervivum Tectorum, and it belongs to the family Crassulaceae and the genus Sempervivum. It is also scientifically addressed as Graptopetalum Macdougallii. The common names of Laxmi Kamal plat are Houseleek, hens and chicks. Lakshmi Kamal is one of the most popular succulent varieties in Indian households. It blooms like a full flower and forms a mat. Sempervivum Tectorum grows up to 10 cm tall and is an evergreen perennial succulent. The growth occurs in the form of fleshy and ovate rosettes. The beautiful color combination of maroon and grey adorns the leaves. These succulents are so versatile that they can be easily grown in any area that you can think of. They also bear short, small, and pretty pink flowers during summer. Flowers occur from clumped rosettes which are typical structures occurring just before flowering. Taking care of the Lakshmi Kamal succulent is not at all difficult. They can be grown easily and do not