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What Is Peat Moss and Why It’s So Special for Succulent Gardeners?

If you are an avid succulent gardener, you might have come across a dark brown fibrous soil mix called peat moss. This organic matter has become a part of succulent grower’s go-to soil component because of its numerous attributes. Peat moss is considered to be an excellent alternative as a soil amendment for various indoor plants like succulents , cactus and others. For succulent gardeners this soil mix is better used as a medium along with other soil components like compost, manure, perlite and others. This helps in providing structure to the soil and eliminates any compactness that can arise over time. It also caters to various benefits like good drainage, ample aeration, acidic nature and many more. These attributes makes peat moss an ideal contender for succulent gardeners on the lookout for a perfect soil mix . But like many of its counterparts, peat moss also has certain cons when it comes to its sustainability and non-renewable nature. Read on to find out what peat moss is a

Rice Hull Uses in Succulent Gardening – Rice hull vs. Perlite

Succulent gardeners and enthusiasts are turning towards a new sustainable and environment-friendly soil amendment in recent times. This alternative is the natural, discarded product of milled rice grains, known as rice hulls or husks. Rice hulls are the thin outer covering that forms a protective shield for rice grains within. To make it easier for human consumption, rice millers remove these flaky, brown outer layers. And the discarded waste matter is what makes a rice hull. When used in potting soil for succulents , they are natural, biodegradable and can act as an ideal substitute for other toxic fertilizers. It can also be used as mulch which can stop weeds from growing in your potted plants. Succulent growers looking for an effective all-organic, sustainable soil mixture can try rice hulls for renewed growth and a boost of other rich nutrients in the soil.   How to use rice hulls in succulent gardening? Using rice hulls as part of your soil mixture can work wonders in your