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Succulents and Its Classifications

What are the succulent plants?  If you are looking to transform your garden with exotic looking plants that are not only attractive but require low maintenance, then succulents are the plants for you. These species of plants were first found in the arid desert regions of the world, and popularly known to resist droughts and harsh temperatures. This is done by storing water in their thick fleshy steams and sap-like-leaves; hence the name succulent was derived. Spread across various dry locations, succulent plants come in diverse ranges, classified by their exceptional features. With various species found in the succulent family, plant enthusiasts can rest assured that they can choose from a wide array of succulents to successfully convert their indoor or outdoor space into an evergreen paradise. But how do you choose which succulent type is best for your garden? In that aspect read on to find out the various succulent classifications and how to care for them.   1. Aeonium (

What Are the Best Fertilizer for Succulents

Ever wonder if your succulents could grow healthy and all colorful, without any outside intervention from you? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Because even though succulents are low-maintenance plants, they need proper care and protection. And one way to get your succulents growing right is through their soil and fertilizers. Pixabay If you are a succulent parent, then you would have already found that normal soil is not enough, they need nutrient-rich soil and a boost of fertilizers to keep your succulents looking fresh, healthy, and vibrant for a long time. With so many fertilizers available in today’s market, the question arises, which one is best and where can I procure it? The best fertilizers are said to be found within Mother Nature. They are not only rich in minerals and nutrients but free from chemicals. But once in a while, your succulents may need a booster shot of certain non-organic fertilizers to propel their growth. Here are some of the 6 best fertilizers for

What Is Cinder and Why It’s Best Potting Soil for Succulents?

Having the best potting soil for succulents can make a big difference in their growth and stability. Once the soil and plant get acclimated, then half the battle is won. It’s just maintaining and fighting off harm from external sources to your succulents from then on. But it’s easier said than done. If you are an avid succulent grower like me, you would have come across the hardship of watching your lovely succulents die and wither away in the first few weeks after purchasing your succulents. And maybe it left you wondering what you did wrong? A few years ago, I was in the same shoes and tried all the combinations and techniques to save my succulents. And finally, after much trial and error, I found this miracle of a soil mix that changed my succulents and how I look at potting mix as not just a standard medium for planting but a carefully laid concoction that can make or break your succulents from growing healthy. The soil that made all the difference in terms of growth and contribut

Why do Succulents Change Color?

If you have been growing succulents for quite some time, you must have experienced these plants changing colors. Yes, Succulents change color and while it looks astonishing to watch them turn red or pink or any other shade, we often wonder about the reasons for them to act differently or unusual. Well, while this is something completely normal, it is always better to get all the details you can about succulents to offer these beautiful plants the proper care they need. Therefore, without much further ado, let’s find out the reasons. Shall we? Pixabay/PublicDomainPictures Succulents Change Color – Know Why? Did you know that plants also go through stress? In this case, succulents when exposed to stress, start changing color to adjust to their ‘new normal. Don’t panic already. Stress is not as bad as it sounds. On the contrary, this phenomenon is typical in succulents. People often encourage the conditions that enable the color changes in succulents to bring their beauty to the peak